Unearthing new talent and giving it the platform to both progress and be appreciated is one of the most important parts of an independent labels function, at least in our opinion here at The 3000 Network anyway. The last five years has seen a spawn of so many exciting new underground bass and garage producers, with a select number of label projects being the ones to initially open the doors. One of those project is of course the Southampton-based heavyweights over at YosH. For years now they have been digging away at the roots of the scene to unearth the latest and most exciting production roster, realistically of any label currently operating within the UK bass music sphere.


Today we are going to be taking a look at the return of one of these acts as Sando jumps back into action with a spicy new single. The support that his first single gained was pretty solid overall, making this brand new creation a near perfect follow up to ‘No Fear’, once again showcasing YosH’s commitment and intensity when it comes to support the new wave. Baring in mind that the clubs around the UK are in the process of reopening as we speak, there has never been a better time to unleash a sizzling new warbler, which is exactly what Sando has provided for us here!


Sando - Man Know [The 3000 Network Premiere]
Sando – Man Know [The 3000 Network Premiere]

Taking the title ‘Man Know’, we are immediately introduction to a combination of both sweeping pad-like synth movements and stripped back drum intro’s, leading towards catchy vocal slices and subtle high-ended melodies, which twist and turn until creschendoing with a gnarly display of lethal LFO action. The lead synth holds a cartoon-ish texture, which adds a dash of fun to a powerful creation that we are sure is going to cause a fair few ruckuses up and down the country.

You can check out our official premiere below:



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