We try to stay up to date with as many different labels as we can here at The 3000 Network, and with the fabulous team over at Steppers Club always keeping us on our toes with their fabulously varied release structure, we are always keen to see what they have got in the locker moving forward. When you look through the imprint’s discography, they tend to circulate around a small group of artists all involved in running the label, but it just so happens that the group itself is very varied in style and influence, keeping the catalogue extremely refreshing with a release a month currently being the general output.

Today, we will be exploring the sounds of Sam Deeley, an intruiging producer whose vast range of influences and different musical ideas tend to culminate in both unique & forward thinking creations, pushing the garage boat further out to sea, never quite knowing what he might catch in the fishing net. His previous apperances on the label have sparked a lot of attention across the garage and breaks community, with his ability to mix and match features from both sounds, alongside emotive top lines and unexpected rhythmic switch ups always catching the ears.

Much unlike his previous creations, ‘Where’s The Noise’ straight of the how-to-smash-nostalgia book, unleashing a fearsome display of warbling LFO textures and bubbling 4×4 drum arrangements, quickening the pace slightly but none-the-less creation and anthemic roller, circa-1999. When you hear people attempt to recreate the classic old school 4×4 sound, it can often a dissapointing experience, but Deeley has the delivered the real deal here, topped off with a bridge of hardcore rave piano chords and big-room vocal sweeps to top of a fabulous display indeed.

It’s always difficult to classify exactly what Sam Deeley will do, but this one is a very exciting single, which you can check out via our good friends over at JunoDownload using the link below:

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