With the lines of fusion becoming more and more blurred as UK underground dance music continues to expand, explore and explode all at once, finding new gems has become more fun than ever in our continued quest to showcase the best new garage flavour for you all here at The 3000 Network. The constant pushing of genre boundaries is something we absolutely love to see, so many extremely taleneted soundsmiths now choosing to lean towards a more outside the box production style. Today, we are taking a look at one of our favourite new school label imprints over the past few years  as once again, Steppers Club deliver a spicy new creation for us to enjoy.

The Steppers Club team have always done a fantastic job in introducing exciting new acts to the table, with their roster being primarily made up of homegrown artists, all of which add something unique and different to the garage pantheon. For this new offering, we see them pull together a wicked pair of production heavyweights, as Sam Deeley unleashes a potent new bubbler, supported by a powerful TC4 remix. Sam Deeley as an artist is a name we have always been keen to follow, with his enimatic style defying all borders, alongside the legendery duo of TC4 who never seem to be able to put a foot wrong.

The original track is a vibrant one to say the least as ‘Believe Me Boy’ dives right into the euphoric heart of vocal sampling techniques. There is such a vibrancy about the way this track has been constructed, from the super bouncy drum designs to the colourful voice chops, all glued together with a sizzling sub below. When TC4 arrive however, the party switches immediately with a wash of more 2-step influenced drum punches let loose like cannon fire, sure to turn any dance into an absolute zoo within seconds.

Both of these creations are mini dynamite sticks ready to blow, which you can preview via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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