As always, The 3000 Network team have been on the look out for the latest and greatest explorations and general ventures into the various spheres of bass music that we currently hear populating the UK underground. Despite the fact that we have all been locked inside since the start of the year, it’s safe to say that the quality levels we have been uncovering has never been higher from the UK. Today, we are getting into a high energy collaboration that is sure to leave a system or two shaking once we are able to get back into the dances where we belong!

Enter: Sabre, a West-Midlands based producer who has a unique approach to 4×4 sonic creations, being able to channel not only his enthusiastic production energy, but also his skills as an A&R, being the founder of seemingly leading force behind the SPACED movement. When you combine both of these elements together and then throw an additional vocal twist into the mix, it’s difficult to not expect to be in for a good time. The vocalist in question today is none other than SK, a Hastings based MC who we have seen appearing on numerous releases over the last few months and is clearly on somewhat of a roll.

Sabre - Expire ft. SK
Sabre – Expire ft. SK

To break down this track in particular, we have to firstly look at the high levels of quality floating around the drum production, with every individual sound punching through the mix with relative ease, despite the raucousness of the surround bass synths. On the topic of said synths, the general melodic structure is an absolute madness here, with these lethal, distortion laden pulses adding to both the harmonic and rhythmic sections of the track, especially when they are then graced with SK’s catchy vocal additions on top. Everything about this one just seems to work for us and we are very pleased to be featuring for you today.

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