Over the course of the approach six year mark since their original inception, the team over at Southpoint have taken pride in constantly unveiling newer artists through both their primary Southpoint page and their sister label Southpoint: Introducing. The catalogue across both labels has spanned numerous genres with a constant feel of forward thinking progression in sound, a theme that we see touched upon yet again with their most recent drop on the Introducing plaform.

Enter: Ryan Gallus, a busy producer who seems to be popping up on numerous platforms with a range of styles, from dubstep to bassline infact. It’s always exciting to see producers hit the ground running with such a vast array of visible influences, especially when the quality levels seem to be so high from the off. Ryan Gallus has previously appeared on the Southpoint imprint, with a hard hitting collaboration alongside Lowkey on the most recent edition of Southpoint Presents, this is his first time stepping out solo on the label however.

The track he launches his solo campaign with is a certified banger right from the jump. The general vibe of UK dance music is that the scene is heading towards a much more melody-driven area of sound, with techno & house music starting to incoorporate more and more international instrumentation, and garage slowly but surely making it’s way back to the top of everyones tree.

The colour and melody we hear within ‘Easy To Love’ is nothing short of stunning in our honest opinion, with a stunning combination of floating pads and vocal slices, dripping with emotional energy and a general uplifting feel. Garage as a whole is being pulled in so many different sonic directions and this avenue is one we are very excited to see develop, alongside watching the growth of Gallus on the Southpoint platform.

You can check out the full track below:

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