When you take a step back and take in the full depth and breadth of the underground dance music scene here in the UK, it’s safe to say that we are in the middle of a large transitional period, shifting between the more raucous sounds of bassline and UK bass music, back towards a much softer, more melodic-inclined approach as garage continues to rise back to the top of the tree. It’s such a fascinating genre when you explore the history, and without a doubt seems to be one of the UK’s proudest musical exports. The Brits just seem to love a bit of UKG, especially as soon as the summer-season takes full effect.

This of course means a load of new names making their way onto the rosters of various different label projects and event line-ups, but today, we are here to examine the latest single from one of the more veteran-labelled faces of electronic dance music in the UK, as Royal-T returns to action. Famed for his work across numerous different genres from grime to bassline, and of course his involvement in the legendary TQD trio alongside Flava D & DJQ, it’s very exciting to see T make another solid solo appearance with this brand new summer-fuelled ride through blissful nostalgia.

The track itself takes the title ‘Bargain Bin Belter’ and is an excellent example of Royal-T at his high flying best, as we are welcomed by an engulfing array of colourful bass designs, skippy drum textures and a proper throwback compositional approach. The way the track breathes and moves, it feels like you in the middle of dance surrounded by fellow ravers, which is always a difficult feeling to replicate sonically. Seeing Royal-T do his thing and cut through the mass amount of new garage we are seeing is always exciting and this track is yet another fantastic homage to his UKG roots.

You can check out the full track via the link below from our friends over at JunoDownload: 

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