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Royal Flush land on Downplay with a sizzling summer-fueled three tracker

Posted 20/5/20 in

It’s an exciting time for dance music producers. There is seemingly a new trend or topic every week to inspire people and with all of this spare time now available, we have been seeing some fantastic new music hitting the stores. UK garage remains the buzz word as we continuously see thunderous new releases from new and old imprints dropping left, right and centre. i’ll be honest, we have been absolutely loving it and the run of new releases is keeping our minds truly inspired.

Today, we take a long awaited closer look at a truly astounding imprint, as Downplay loom into our line of sight. The last couple of years has seen the veteran project return to the limelight under their mothership label: Slime Recordings, focusing in on futuristic UKG and 2-step drops. Consistency is ALWAYS key and we feel that as a label they receive nowhere near as much praise as they are due for this. For their latest selection, they got the combined finesse of Royal Flush involved, who arrive in style with a stunning two track drop, complete with one heck of a remix.

The project commences with the title track ‘Need You’ a vibrant shuffling creation that takes us on one heck of journey, from the minimal, drum bounce-driven introduction to the moogy sub structures of the rave-inspiring breakdown. It’s a leg shaker and it’s colourful nature makes it the epitome of the new school garage sound. On the flip to this we are introduced to more minimal madness as ‘Somebody New’ arrives with a potent yet stripped back compositional style, providing a bit of contrast within the release as a whole.

The ever dependable Kobe JT then pops up on remix duty, delivering as expected yet incredibly refreshing fix-up of ‘Need You’, putting the finishing touches on a very tidy body of work. We absolutely love this one and you can check out the purchase link via the JunoDownload player below:

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Words: KXVU

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