It’s always a great thing to see the lord of UK funky make a return to the table, with the genre going through a tonne of expansive changes and sonic redesigns over the last few years. It’s a sound that we have always found fascinating here at The 3000 Network, with so many interest rhythmic directions and percussion-lead ideas being made explored, especially when Roska is involved. In the lead up to a very exciting album project that we have been lucky enough to have a sneak peak at, he has returned for another dynamic two-track display, exploring a combination of pure energized drum design and unique melodic arrangement.

Roska has always been a name who hasn’t shyed away from the idea of creativity, despite being so closely associated with the UK funky sound. He has alwasy been keen on adding unique melodic flavours and colourful harmonic designs into creations, alongside working with exciting vocalists on a regular basis. All of these elements have made us so excited to explore the album in its full exploitative fashion, however, today we are going to check out this exciting double drop, focussing on the sounds of ‘Curious’ and ‘Hueng-Min Son’.

We start off with a close inspection of ‘Curious’, as we see that creativity we have spoken about above come into the light, giving us a clicky, enigmatic arrangement style, combining sweeping synthesizer runs and intricate percussion and cool, eastern-inspired melodic influxes, giving the whole track a combination of mystic yet warm feelings that work an absolute treat. On the flip side we dive into ‘Heung-Min Song’, an ode to one of the Premiere League’s most consistent players and another storming creation, this time stripping things back to the basics, with high energy drum rhythms providing most of the tracks movement, a-top a unique combination of plucks melodic sweeps and breathy vocal samples, giving us a very interesting two-track combo indeed.

You can check out both of these tracks below via our good friends over at JunoDownload:

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