Roska pulls out a wicked Summer Recap drop with RKS

At The 3000 Network, something we find ourselves discussing and praising on a near enough daily basis is consistency, both within artists and the labels they release on. With the advancements in technology and access to distribution networks now available to near enough every musician, consistency is the true key to staying head and shoulders in front of the rest of the pack.

Today, we are taking a look at a label project that embodies the idea of consistency as RKS, AKA Roska Kicks & Snares delivers an official recap compilation, showcasing the numerous different releases the label put out during a very busy summer period. When we speak of consistency, RKS seem to tick every box, being not only most new listeners first interaction with UK funky in general, but also remaining as the ultimate staple for the scene, never faltering on quality of product or regularity of releases.

Now compilations can be fickle things, sometimes the sheer mass of a project can deter potential listeners, but seeing as this is a collection of tracks that had already been put together and released via the RKS imprint, we thought we would dive in to check out just how crazy that summer period was.

When we sit back and take in just how many high quality recordings were actually put out there, it’s quite mind blowing to say the least. The list includes the likes of Dread MC, LR Groove, Murder He Wrote, DJ Polo, Razzler Man and more, alongside Roska, twice under both his original name and his Bakongo alias. This listing really does showcase just important both the RKS imprint and roster has become to UK funky and a whole and in our eyes is well worth taking in on long play.

You can check out the full project below:

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Words: KXVU