As we continue to explore the wide expanse of underground dance music in the UK, we are very excited to today find ourselves roaming the outer realms of UK funky and it’s nearby genre associations. The sound itself has always been an interesting one to move through, given it’s wide range of rhythmic influences and there aren’t many people who have been able to guide and navigate the genre as much as Roska. Today, we see him return to his home imprint of RKS, the most active and expansive label project within the UK funky circle, to explore a very exciting collaboration indeed.

Enter: MC GQ, one of the drum & bass scene’s most sought after vocalists, who has continued to entertain crowds and provide toasted vocal top-lines for as long as any of us are able to remember. This is therefore a pretty legendary link up, but hearing GQ expand his range and land within the UK funky sound alongside it’s most prominent figure is something we are extremely excited to take in.

Getting onto the track itself, this one is a perfect way to lift the energy in the dance to say the least. As mentioned above, we are all very aware of GQ’s vocal prowess and Roska’s production ability, so to actually hear the two come together was always likely to be a solid creation. This does however exceed the exprectations as an electrifying run down of groovy percussive designs lay the foundation next to groovy bass slides and a tidy sense of atmospheric precision. As expected, MC GQ then arrives in clinical form to deliver a well measured collection of rave-ready lyricism. It’s definitely one for the DJ‘s to grab!

You can check out the full single, along with an official dub mix via our good friends at JunoDownload below:

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