It’s always important for us here at The 3000 Network to keep up our exploratory mindset when assessing and showcasing underground dance music, with their being such a rich and expansive backdrop of sounds and styles to take in. The UK underground has always been a mush mash of different influences, from American rap and house to Jamaican system culture, always fusing, breaking off and then recombining in new and exciting ways, which has been the route path behind the majority of the UK’s successful underground genres.

Today we are going to be taking a look at one of the more underrated sounds and styles as we explore the world of modern UK funky, a genre that has been woven into dancefloors in this country for the last 20 years, whether you have realised it or not. The name that everyone thinks of the second you hear the phrase “UK funky” is of course Roska, founder of RKS Records and a true powerhouse within the scene, remaining as consistent as they come over the past 15 years at least. Now we have heard tell of a much larger project en route from the veteran, who has kick started his summer campaign with this absolute heater.

Taking the title ‘Do Me Wrong’, we see Roska let loose with a bulbous display of carnival-inspired percussive inputs and vibrant basslines, providing one hell of a backdrop for both of his collaborators to do the business on. The first of those collaborators is Jammz, another UK veteran, who provides intricate grimey vocal flows and witty lyricism, next to the sweet, soulful harmonies of Aleisha Lee, giving this one a very catchy hook indeed. As an overhaul arrangement, this one gives us a really cool nostalgic twist, which we are sure is going to cause some real damage in the dances up and down the country. 

You can check out the track via our good friends over at JunoDownload below:

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