Over here at The 3000 Network, it’s our job to make sure we are keeping you, our fabulous readers, up to date with all the latest goings on around the entirity of the UK underground dance music scene, exploring the full breadth of the different sounds that dwell within it reaches. Today, we are going to be heading back into the fantastic realms of UK funky and the futuristic direction the sound has been taking in recent months, as we touch down to take a look at one of the scene’s true godfather’s and still one of it’s most active talents to this day.

We are of course talking about Roska, who over the past decade and even before that has been steamtraining his sound, being one of the most cosnsistent releasers of new music, whether that be through instrumental creations or vocal collaborations and often working under a number of different aliases. Today he jumps back into the hot seat as we sit down to take in his brand new EP drop, which as far as we are aware, is the first time he’s released a full instrumental projct in over five years. This is an exciting thing to see for numerous reasons, but primarily because it means we get to see his full production arsenal on display.

We kick off our journey through this one with a hard hitting introduction, taking ‘Count Me Out Fam’ for a bit of apsin. This is a wicked arrangement to say the least, exploring eastern style melodic twists and tidy bass arrangements to give us a lively opener to this full instrumental experience. From here, ‘Ice Cold’ sees the EP take a bit of a different turn, giving us a more spacious, other-worldy set of pad drives, focussing in on delicacy and intricate drum taps for a seriously cool rhythmic display.

From here, we jump into the EP’s only collaboration alongside KTM entitled ‘Facetime’, a club-ready roller jam-packed with underground flavour, utilzing a dizzying harmonic journey, before ‘Mission Complete’ gives us a spicey set of outro credits, delivering a drum punch of pure goodness to round the project out with a bang.

You can check out the full collection yourselves via the attached JunoDownload link below:

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