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RALSTON – Lonely [Out Now On 3000 Digital]

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We are thrilled to be making our return to the release schedule as we unveil this terrific two tracker from our very own: Ralston. As a producer and DJ, Ralston has gone from strength to strength in recent times, releasing on some of the topper top projects within the bass scene, including Night Shift Sound and Submersive.
This project blasts off in serious style as we are introduced to the smooth and soulful introductory tones of the title track ‘Lonely’. This one quickly descends into a whole different realm of madness as we approach the breakdown, awaiting the crunch. It comes upon us in force as lethal, voice like synthesized LFOs stutter and shimmer in and amongst some really well produced drum lines and a still smooth vocal line, giving us a seriously cool contrast.
The energetic vibes continue a plenty as we move on the second track, this one taking the title ‘Mind Scan’. Compositionally, this one takes a more unpredictable turn, from the super punchy drums and airy atmospherics that flood the introduction, to the super jittery array of bass designs that pounce upon the breakdown, all working in routine to apply a unique sense of rhythm.
As an overall project, ‘Lonely’ represents Ralston’s growth as an artist and his ability to adapt to the modern movements of bass music, without losing his signature energetic style.

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