The new wave of UK Bass is really exciting, the last few years have provided a platform for a wave of new and exciting artists to emerge and make their sound heard. One of these artists is the Leeds based producer and DJ, Pyrate, who has just dropped his first single of the year, a weighty UK Bass banger entitled ‘Wait For Me’, on the well revered label, founded by FooR, YosH.


Pyrate and YosH are no strange combination; at the start of 2021, Pyrate debuted on the label as part of their ‘Ones To Watch’ EP, a project that topped the Beatport release charts and featured fellow up and comers such as Spence, Disrupt and Wighty. Following this, Pyrate released a single on the introductory label, Yosh Pit, entitled ‘Lights’, before being part of the labels 5th annual self-titled compilation series, ‘YosH, Vol. 5’, a project that featured over 20 of YosH’s regular artist roster. 


Pyrate - Wait for Me
Pyrate – Wait for Me


This latest release marks Pyrate’s official solo debut on the main label at YosH, a release that has been worked for and very well deserved. The track itself is a brilliant showcase of Pyrate’s style and powerful sound design, a vocal led, emotive build up, followed by a relentless bass-heavy drop, full of energy. This track is perfect for any big room rave and has already received support from FooR themselves on Rinse FM.


Watch out for this release as well as any future moves from Pyrate, a name to get to know now as the new wave of UK Bass music continues to grow and evolve; Pyrate will become a vital part of this scene and its ever-changing sound.

Listen to The 3000 Network premiere below: