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Punks bring us a tasty international link up in ‘Spliff’

Posted 12/1/20 in

2019 was most definitely a solid year for Punks, a label that we have the upmost respect for here at camp 3000. Over the years we have heard them put their incredibly vibrant mark on the UK and US bass scenes with a fantastic array of colourful breakbeat and bassline fusions, always looking for a brand new pocket of dance music to explore and incorporate into their now extensive catalogue. With the start of 2020 we can see they intend to keep their fantastic run of releases going, and we couldn’t be more excited to dive for the headphones and get listening.

This weekend just gone saw the project put together a scorching link up, this time bridging the Atlantic ocean for some seriously cool breakbeat fusion. Focussing all of their energy into a single masterpiece, we firstly hear the ever-ready sounds of Chicago based CLB, a producer who not only toured the UK in 2019, but became fully integrated into it’s constantly expanding bass scene. In collaboration steps up Doc Zee, one of the UK’s most exciting production talents, and boy do they get busy on this one.

If there is something we are always excited to see, it is inter-continental collaborations, as we witness two very exciting individual producers on this one come together for a sauce-fest of bassy goodness.

Stylistically, ‘Spliff’ is a mecha-hybrid of breaks and bassy themes, fusing together an expertly assembled ensemble of sliced up drum manouvres, crunchy sub bass textures and precisely placed vocal snippets. With all of these elements on display, we are greeted with an absolute corker, a track that provides us with an almost dictionary definition of the Punks sound. If this is the levels that the Punks team are intending to be working at for the rest of 2020, we sure do have some incredible material to look forward to.

We have attached a link to the track for you to listen to below: 

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Words: KXVU

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