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Pinnacles of Garage: A Peak Time for Liverpool

Posted 21/2/20 in
It’s no secret that I think UKG is set to make some serious movements over the course of the next few years. I so emphatically believe this that, including this one, my last three articles have mentioned it to some degree. It was therefore most welcome when I discovered that Liverpool, a city with a bold reputation for growth in recent years, is seeing its fair share of action in the underground too.
Pinnacles of Garage is a fairly young promotion, but its age hasn’t prevented it from fixing its aim on being a frontrunner in the scene. Having already hosted standouts such as: Brock, Higgo and Scott Garcia, amongst others, and set to host two of the underground’s favourites in Sharda and Smokey Bubblin’ B, Pinnacles of Garage signifies something of a paradigm shift up in the North West and we couldn’t be more delighted to hear about it; several conversations with Tron, the promotion’s founder, have always touched on all the right areas with a clear vision to grow the scene locally and nationally, showcase homegrown talent and above all, have a great time both promoting and raving to the acts they’re putting on.
Scott Garcia at Pinnacles of Garage
Photos: de la Bastide
Pinnacles of Garage’s fourth will be taking place on March 26th, at the infamous 24 Kitchen Street, and tickets for the next event can be found below! With a promising future ahead for this young promotion,  you can expect more from us on Pinnacles of Garage soon!


Words: Jordan Moussavi

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