It’s been a very enjoyable break away from the regular rampage of releases we have grown to expect over the last couple of years, with our Christmas break giving us a little bit of time to recoup and revitalize our musical stocks. However, the UKG scene in-particular has remained exceptionally active over the winter week break, giving us fantastic run of compilations from some of our favourite label projects, making that effort to maintaint the momentum built up over an extremely active 2021 within the scene. Today however, we are going to be taking a look at a single release from one of our favourite aritsts to re-establish themsleves over the last 18 months.

Having featured heavily on both DJ EZ’s Nuvolve imprint, Garage Shared and a number of other top quality label projects, Phonetix makes his end of year return to deliver one last slice of garage-inspired enjoyment, dropping in on the 2-Step imprint to deliver this one. We actually featured Phonetix as one of our highlighted producers of 2021, with his catalogue being pretty exceptional, covering a range of different styles within the UKG spectrum with a serious level of consitency that very others have been able to either match of best.

The single itself is another shining example of that combination of consistency and versatility within the garage sound as ‘Heartbreak’ gives us an opportunity to explore the more stripped back side of the Phonetix production manual, with a cluster of smile-inducing vocal slices joining forces with colourful pad textures, vibrant string plucks and moody chord progressions, giving this one all the joyous elements of the old school side of of the sound, built up with more modern production techniques and a final dash of 2021 finesse for us all to enjoy.

You can check out the full single via our good friends at JunoDownload via the link below:

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