It’s been a lively start to 2022 for the garage scene, with such a vibrant display of new music being unleashed so rapidly, it’s almost been difficult for us here at The 3000 Network to keep up to date the full scale of what is going on. There have been numerous labels who have already started the year well and today we are going to be taking a look at one that has been on a seriously fiery trail for the last 18 months or so, stacking top quality release on top of top quality release and building a seriously solid catalogue of exciting new UKG flavour.

That label is Nuvolve, DJ EZ’s own collection of UKG sizzlers, into which he has been inviting a collection of beloved newcomers and hardy veterans to generate one of our favourite garage collections currently out there. The consistency has been very enjoyable to observe, with the latest edition to the pile coming from one of the veterans we mentioned above. For us, Phonetix was one of the most joyous artists to watch work across 2021, which is why we ended up featuring him our “Top 10 Garage Producers of 2021 List’ towards the end of last year year. This project is a very exciting way to launch his 2022 campaign as we take in a very expansive new creation.

Taking the title ‘Snowfall’, this first track gives us a major injection of colourful melodic flavour, next to a skippy array of drum textures, bound together with that touch of Phonetix finesse, exploring intricate harmonic layers to give us a very well thought out opener. However, the fun really starts when we then delve into the extended version of the mix, which also comes as part of this drop, within which we get to hear the full scale of the Phonetix Jazz-Step sound, delivering a pulsating array of horn laiden slides and blippy textures, all being reworked around a super catchy lead vocal slice.

It’s a fantastic display of what his sound is all about, that you can check out via the JunoDownload link below:

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