The last few years have given birth to a string of top notch producers emerging out of the UK dance music scene, most specifically, within the garage sector of that. With the undeniable rise to mainstream popularity once again for the sound, this flurry of new production talents has kept the underground scene extremely fresh, whilst the more commercialized end of the sound continues to draw in new fans worldwide, with everyone involved in the scene’s extended circles now tasting the benefits of this newly formed sonic ecosystem. Watching this from the outside has given us a lot to discuss here at The 3000 Network, with our primary focus being to showcase the best of the newcomers wherever we can.

Today, we are heading back over to one of the best places to discover the latest garage flavour as the Garage Shared crew are back at it once again. It seems to be a rarity that we can go a month without finding a release we can’t resist featuring from the Garage Shared team, whose consistency really deserves a lot more praise from the scene as a whole. Today we take a look at the latest entry from their GS Dubs sister-label, welcoming the fantastic sounds of Phonetix to table with a pair of sizzling new original creations, showcasing some incredible creativity within the typical 2-step parameters.

Both tracks on the project offer a uniquely delicate take on the current wave of bouncing garage arrangements, kicking off with ‘Don’t Be Afraid’, a super vibrant singalong, driven by a very well performed vocal line and a fabulous display of tidy rhythmic design and ascending melody. kicking off this two tracker with a serious thump. On the flip, more incredible vocal work for our ears as ‘What Do You See’ arrives with a splash, stitching together spacey brass melodics with booming subs and a scattered rhyhmic design for another classy final result.

You can check out both tracks off this wicked drop via the link below, kindly provided through JunoDownload

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