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Pholo & Vexxy link up for a killer new free download on ESC_

Posted 24/3/20 in

At 3000 we are making more and more effort every day to cover as many different genres of music as possible. We are keen to keep as many different avenues of electronic sounds and themes, with that of course including the extended realms of grime and trap music. Over the last few years we have seen these two areas combine with some incredible results, including the formation of a new sub-genre which seems to be widely dubbed with the name ‘Wave’.

As a sub-genre this seems to combine high pitched synth melodies with thick, luscious sub textures, often giving compositions a floaty feel in the higher ends, but backing them up with hard hitting bass sections. It wouldn’t necessarily be the most jump-up genre in a dance, but for overall listening, some of the sounds we are are hearing being created are simply out of this world. That is why today, we have decided to take a peek at the latest offering from Vexxy & Pholo, who touch down on their home label of ESC_ for a very spicy free download.

The track itself takes the title ‘Twisted’ and it hits home with immediate impact. We hear both Vexxy and Pholo combine some high quality production techniques to build a stunning soundscape, packed full of vibrant synthesizer layers and colourful harmonic sound-sandwiches, along with incredibly strong low ended tones, driving this one forward. As a big fan of both Pholo & Vexxy’s forward think approach to half time dance music, I am super excited to see more collaborations like this make their way to the surface as the year continues.

They have also done us a fantastic service with this one in making it a free download, so all can enjoy the file in complete it’s complete 320kbs of goodness. We have attached the link to the free download below, which was released via the magnificent ESC_ imprint.

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Words:  KXVU

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