Over the course of the last two to three years, we have seen the popularity of the UKG sound continue to grow and expand into now being arguably the most exciting area of underground electronic music in the UK. Whenever that happens, it is inevitable that pop-centric attempts at using the sound for a more mass-widened audience are going to begin to pop up. The most important thing for a genre to do at this moment is to make sure that the roots and foundational pillars of the sound remains strong and unified, so that when the casual listenership passes on, the roots remain and the strength of the sound continues to endure.

To do that, you need top quality labels with their roots firmly planted in the history of the sound, which within UKG, we are very lucky to have a plentiful stash of. Today we are taking a look at possibly the most consistent of the bunch as Four40 take a dip into a more commercially accessible world with their latest original drop. Over the years we have seen Four40 at the forefront of the underground dance music scene, helping numerous grime, bass, garage and breaks artists along their journey and constantly supplying their fanbase with a powerful run of catalogue additions.

This time around, they welcome the magnificent sounds of Papirus, who through a combination of synthy melodic bliss and tidy vocal processing, delivers a club-ready banger by the name of ‘Be My Lady’. Adding singalong style vocals to garage has always been a sure-fire way of getting the ravers hands in the air, but more recently, has been proven to have some serious pop potential. There have been numerous artists, including the likes of AJ Tracey, KSI, Mabel & more all laying down garage originals, which for the most part, have been met with real success across the board.

This new single from Papirus follows a lot of similar sonic avenues, but still manages to maintain that underground edge that sets it apart from a number of the more cookie cutter creations of the pop world. The entire build of this one exhales summer energy, which you can check out below via our friends over at JunoDownload.

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