Palizé, K Dot and Tez Kidd get Fraternal on Brand New Bassline Stomper ‘Bredrin’

Whether it’s twisted 4×4 instrumentals or stomping vocal bangers, Palizé and K Dot’s seminal talents are impossible to ignore in discussions about the UK Bassline scene. With remarkable consistency, the Sheffield natives have assembled a back catalogue of scene favourites, with the former releasing tracks like ‘Scary’, ‘Frightening’ and ‘As Per’, which created seismic waves in a scene embracing the more guttural sounds of modern UK Bass music. The latter has arguably the most recognised vocal contributions in Bassline with ‘Get Milli Get Mad’, ‘I’m Twiss’ and ‘Lock Down Trouble’, amongst a great many others, containing legendary bars and flows that have influenced Bassline MC stylings since release. Against this cultural and sonic backdrop there has never been a more perfect time for the pair to reemerge with a formidable array of new music—and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Bredrin’ is a vivacious return to form which sees Palizé and K dot reunited with fellow Scumfam member—the charismatic, ever-versatile Tez Kidd. Both MC’s take Palizé’s trenchant instrumental to new heights, making for a memorable vocal cut at a succinct two minutes, forty eight seconds of runtime. Thudding kicks, warping basses and punchy snares score catchy, incisive vocal licks; from the drop to the instrumental outro, Bredrin’s components come together superbly, with the chemistry between all three artists on full display. The other tracks on the ‘R U Daft’ EP follow suit wonderfully, and a teaser like ‘Bredrin’ could only leave Bassline fans salivating for the rest of the release.

In a time when solidarity and camaraderie are especially valuable, ‘Bredrin’ is a fun, tightly knit effort with charismatic vocals, a slamming instrumental and a reassuring, rave-ready vibe. When the constant murmur of lockdowns, quarantines and viruses has died down a little, and we’re able to explore the freedom that we enjoyed before March once more, make sure you bring your Bredrin over to Sheffield—there’s a bottle, a rave and some deadly new tracks we can share.

You can check out the track HERE