As always here at The 3000 Network, we are on a question to explore and unveil the future of not only bass music, but it’s surrounding cousin-genres, with all of the different sounds of the UK electronic underground being essentially related in one way or another. Today we are heading back up the road to Manchester as we return to our friends at Manuka Records, who have once again pushed forward in their pursiot of genre fusion with a wicked new release. In the time they have been active, the Manuka crew have constantly championed the idea of futurism within their releases, this this new collection being a perfect example of that vision.

Enter: Oxossi, one of the most creative sound-smiths out there, who despite making his name in the more experimental realms of the UK dubstep sound, has arrived with a point to prove as he unveils three tracks of fusion-driven fire for us all the enjoy. Oxossi is a name that a lot of people have been keeping a close eye in on in the UK, with his uniquely quirky take on underground sounds giving him a truly exceptional production style, steeped in delicate detail and intricate percussive mastery.

The EP itself is a fabulous look into the musical influences of Oxossi, who allows his Brazlian roots to play a key role in the track-listings formation. We begin with ‘Empty Kisses’, a crunchy creation focussing in on original garage flavours with a touch of percussive brilliance to match, taking organic drum sounds, euphoric synth slides and floaty vocals to take this one to a completely different level. Next, we find ourselves once again exploring the murkier side of the Oxossi sound with ‘Closure’, as pounding drum triplets and gnarly atmospheric reese growls give us a dungeon-ready roller, followed by the lively drum skips and powerful sub-textures of ‘Vou Que Vou’ for a dramatic outro.

You can check out The 3000 Network Premiere of ‘Empty Kisses‘ below:



We absolutely love this project, as again, it shows a sense of futurism in it’s design and vision, bringing together two of our favourite entities within this curious middle ground between dubstep and garage. You can check out the full EP below via our good friends over at JunoDownload.

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