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Outselect gives us an exclusive premiere ahead of Fat Vibez album drop

Posted 11/4/19 in

Here at 3000 Blog, our job is to keep the world informed about the latest and greatest bass music to emerge from the UK and beyond and we were so super super impressed with the most recent release from Fat Vibez that we decided to take another look at the label, seeing that they had an absolutely fantastic catalogue of releases on the way. As a label they have been putting a lot of work into defining their sound and presence, a task that most struggle with from the get go.

However, the Fat Vibez crew appear to have mastered this element of label marketing from the off, with their social media pages looking extremely clean, a very creative and stylist style of release art and of course, a stack of absolute bangers available to stream and download. We took time out to take a look at their previous full EP with Famburglar, which we premiered to a great response across The 3000 Network.

We are here today however to take a look at this brand new drop from the label as they bring in the sounds of St Petersburg’s own Outselect, who let’s loose on his new single entitled ‘S4YOMBS’, which extends out to ‘Something for your mind, your body & your soul’. The lengthy name comes into play by way of a very catchy vocal sample that we hear laced throughout the composition, filling up the bridges and introduction either side of the madness that ensues within.

The rest of the composition takes influence from old school breaks and hardcore themes, dithering between subtle LFO patterns and choppy, hard hitting drum structures all the way through. This is a very original creation however, destined to switch up every dance in which it appears. This isn’t the only news either, as this track happens to be the first single from Outselect’s forthcoming album, which we believe will be going by the title of ”Zero Hour’.

This single is the perfect way to kick off the album run, showcasing a range of different musical styles all packed into one excellent original creation. You can check out our official premiere of ‘S4YOMBS’ below: 

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Words: KXVU

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