Whilst following the UKG explosion across England in particular over the last few years, it has been one of the most exciting things to report upon for us here at The 3000 Network. The hubs that have now been established and communities that are now thriving genuinely fill us with joy, as it has meant nothing but improvement, consistency and creativity for the wider garage sound. This has of course spawned a tonne of exciting newer artists and allowed them to push forward with the sounds they are creating, including today’s featured soundsmith, the one and only Oppidan, who has leapt back into action with a thrilling full length drop.

2022 has been a very exciting year for Oppidan, through a combination of highly intense new music, the continuation of her own label project and of course a fiery run of festival and live show bookings. Her sound has been taking over without a shadow of a doubt, pushing her to the forefront of the scene and gaining an exciting following around the country who are always keen to hear more. Following in from the launch of her single ‘Know Myself’ alongside both Hans Glader and Paige Eliza last week, she has now unleashed a full length collection via her own label imprint, once again pushing the boundaries of UKG with some sizzling production techniques.

The EP is made up of 5 serious creations, kicking off with the sunshine-dripping drum dips of ‘Know Myself’, which welcomes the gorgeous vocals of Paige Eliza alongside the tasty production tekkers of Hans Glader for a groovy introduction, before Sweetie Irie goes on to provide a much more unorthodox vocal display on the glitchy rhythms of ‘Badgal’. From here, we move into the siren-like melodic leads and high octane drum pressure or ‘Hmm Dede’, which again ups the overall pace of the EP, with the wistful, ballad-like string twitches of ‘Rosalina’ gives us a very unique piece of garage design. Finally, ‘Sol’ arrives in style to give us one final summer-fueled smash, rounding off a fantastic collection with a slap.

You can check out the full EP via our good friends at JunoDownload below: