As always with UKG, we love to stay up to date and therefore keep you, our fantastic readers, ahead of the curve with everything that is going on in the scene. The last few years has seen a fantastic rise in new label projects across the board, especially the last 18 months with lots of events companies slowly but surely adding the record label arm to their operations. Today however, we are going to be taking a closer look at an artist who has absolutely excelled in the last year, and has now also gone on to set up her own unique release platform with a spicy new single for us all to enjoy.

We are of course talking about Oppidan, who through a series of releases on Garage Shared, Kiwi and other top quality garage imprints, has rapidly risen to near the top of the garage tree, becoming one of the most popular UK names to emerge out of the lockdown period. Her production has grown with her, and now her brand as a whole has grown once again as she launched the Oppidan imprint, presumably designed to give her the opportunity to get even more top quality UKG flavour out there for the people. We have so much time for people going the extra step and we can definitely see Oppidan’s now expansive fanbase being overjoyed at this news.

The track itself is actually a pretty near perfect description of why Oppidan’s sound has become so popular in recent times as ‘Delfino Square’ delivers a complex array of sidechained synthesizer pulses, lively drum expressions and of course a bag of sizzling bass work below. Despite all of these electric elements, the track carries a seriously harmonious nature, giving us both versatility and instant impact on any of the systems we are are likely to hear it played upon. We wish her the best of luck with future releases, of which we are sure there are going to be many!

You can check out this single via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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