Oppidan lands a wavy new garage slap on Garage Shared

As the internal and international appeal of UK garage continues to expand and explode, we are making sure to keep a keen eye on the underground as much as possible. As much is the way with any genre during the beginning of it’s mainstream boom, the majority of the innovation and excitement will be being forged in the heart of the genre. We are therefore super excited to take this this one in as we head over to the Garage Shared camp to take a look at their latest single to drop.

If you want to look at consistency, originality and just a continued run of top quality releases, there aren’t many labels within the garage bracket that are working themselves as hard as Garage Shared, who continue to pump out highly sought after drops week in, week out. This time around they have approached one of their fastest developing production talents in Oppidan, a Bristol-based producer whose high energy approach to UKG production has seen her gain a tonne of support across the board, with each release we see raising the bar yet again, including this latest corker.

Oppidan - Once Apon A Time
There are certain production elements we all love to hear when taking in a new garage composition, those being well organised vocal slices, beautiful chord manoeuvres and of course a high energy drum routine. This new one by the name of ‘Once Upon A Time’ packs them all and more as a heavily syncopated selection of drum rhythms provides the perfect basecamp from which moogy organ notation and well thought out vocal chops are let loose to run riot. The track has a somewhat melancholy vibe, yet feels no less uplifting than any other garage original, making it an incredibly interesting listen, both at home and in a dance setting.

You can check out the full track below:

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Words: KXVU