The fusion of the new school and the already established is always a good way to excite bass music fans around the world, a theme that we are very excited to be exploring today as we take a look at two of the most consistent names out there finally joining forces. Last year, we saw the launch of Oppidan’s brand new solo label imprint, which having spoken to her on Trickstar Breakfast, we discovered was her route into exploring more experimental release styles and alternative arrangements, something we could immediately see was going to yield some spicey creations.

The last year for Oppidan has been a serious rollercoaster, both in regards to her release schedule, within which she has joined forces with a number of the biggest label imprints in the garage scene, alongside her work in the live sector that has seen her travel the country and shell down dances of all sizes. We were therefore thrilled to see her finally linking up with Dread MC, one of the UK’s finest hosts and most consistent mic-men of this current era, constantly moving between festival events and stageshows, then back to the studio to unleash a wavy vocal display.

This is a collaboration that makes total sense, so we were thrilled to see the results of the link up work so well as the pair unveil ‘Tiga’. This is a slightly more raccous creation than we have been used to from Oppidan, who explores a much more bass-scentric approach within the composition, delivering a blistering barrage of grizzly reese synth sweeps, pulsating moogs and skippy drum textures. These are then graced by Dread’s unmistakable vocal presence, lifting the tune up a level and making it perfect weapon for any bass DJ to unveil in the dance.

You can take a peak at the track yourselves via the JunoDownload link below:

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