As long term surveyors and fans of the now incredibly vast UK garage scene, the most enjoyable part about the last two years of re-emergence is the amount of fantastic new artists we have been able to witness grow into and shape the genre, all of whom have been bringing their own unique ideas and twists to the sound. Today, we are going to be taking a closer look at one of the most consistent new faces to emerge, stacking releases left right and centre whilst never once dropping the ball on a quality level. We are of course talking about the magnificent sounds of the one and only Oppidan.

Over the past 12 months she has been on a seriously relentless run, putting together top quality releases on the likes of top garage imprints such as Nuvolve, Four40 and Garage Shared, with today’s drop seeing her take the sound international once again as she links up with Night Bass for a spicy new single entitled ‘Motorola’. From what we can see, this single is the first track on a forthcoming EP drop which is always exciting, seeing her expand her audience to a more global set up in the process!

The thing we have always said about making a success in garage is that as producers and DJ’s, artists need to find the perfect balance between nostalgic respect for the sound and innovation to entice the new wave in, and that is something that Oppidan has once again achieved in fantastic form, with this single combining an array of skippy percussive rhythms, well designed vocal chops and powerful bass notation below to get ravers of all ages jumping. This is certainly one for the UKG DJ crew to hold onto until the dances reopen, because it’s certain to cause somewhat of a mosh!

You can check out the full single via our friends over at JunoDownload with the embedded link below:

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