With the explosion of garage music across both the UK and the global stage in the last 3 years, keeping track of every release and every project has been a Herculean task to attempt: This is of course a fabulous map marker for just how far the scene has come, with countless new imprints and exciting collections of new artists leaping the forefront at every available opportunity. One of the names that has played an absolutely huge part in promoting and supporting the horde of new artistry is of course the legendary DJ EZ, founder and head honcho of the wonderful Nuvolve.

Despite taking a brief break from what was a very hectic release scheduled, the Nuvolve imprint most certainly ranks among the most consistent and vibrant within the extended realms of garage right now, with a roster focussing on genuinely outstanding new school production talent. This time around we are thrilled to see them back in business with another sublime collaborative effort, welcoming the combined forces of both Duskope and WZA, two names and faces we are expecting to see both grow and prosper, backed by a very impressive discography right off the bat.

The collaboration itself takes the title ‘U Can Feel’ and focuses heavily on utilising classic garage themes. Those themes are seemingly focussed firstly on vibrant vocal chops and slices, building new melodies from a sliced up top line. When this is then combined with the bubbling drum textures that sit so keenly behind a wall of carefully crafted, concise processing. It’s a pretty masterfully designed creation that we are sure is going to send dances nationwide into a serious tizz. It’s another powerful addition to the Nuvolve catalogue, which continues to impress at every turn.

You can check out the full track via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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