Since their inception, it’s safe to say that we have seen very little but consistency and an in-depth look at the UKG scene from the Nuvolve team and with DJ EZ at the helm, did we expect anything else? It’s important to throw some respect on the names of labels who have been doing this much, with the likes of Garage Shared, The Wub Club, Four40, Southpoint and others all being in a similar bracket of consistency and depth. Today however, we are going to be taking a look at the latest offering from the Nuvolve team, who once again have delivered us a stacked up treat of garage-influenced goodness.

The roster that the Nuvolve team have been able to assemble since first starting up the label and radio-based project is a great way of looking into the future of the UKG scene, with the artists they release with primarily being artists on the come up, rather than super established names, which we as fans very much appreicate. This last weekend we saw them get back to business, unveiling two individual single drops from two very exciting producers, namethee Ryuken & BWK Project. Both of these are names you will have seen floating around The 3000 Network before, which is why we had to jump into a quick look at this powerful double drop.

First up, Ryuken are joined by the beautiful vocal displays of Mutya Buena, who provides the perfect amount of the nostalgia within her smooth, clean cut performance on ‘Feels Good’. This one takes us straight back to the early noughties, with a warm display of plucks string sweeps and groovy bass switches delivering a tidy overall arrangement, perfect for the singalong crew to enjoy.

On the second release, we one again find ourselves exploring the production mastery of BWK Project, delivering a more niche inspired creation with the bouncing sublines and moody flavours of ‘Pressure’, which gives us a much more dancefloor orientated design and once again shows off the full spectrum of the Nuvolve sound.

Both of these drops are wicked and you can check them both out via the JunoDownload links below:

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