It’s always great to see label’s launching their new year campaigns, especially when they have such a fantastic record of starting years in style. So far this year, we have seen a fabulous kick off, with a tonne of solid January drops making their way into stoors from across the underground dance music spectrum. For today’s outing, we are going to be taking a look at the latest landing from the team over at The Archives, who continued to impress across 2021 with a string of very exciting drops, exploring the more tech-influenced side of the UK bass sound, utilizing their fantastic roster to deliver some of the most exciting originals and collaborations of the year.

This is a theme they look to keep running as this time around they welcome back the combined powers of both NuBass & HODA, two faces who we have seen populate the label on numerous occasions and alongside this, continuously impress across their releases on other labels as well. In general, these would be two of the names we look to when described the “more tech-influenced side of bass music”, with that title becoming a more and more common occurance to hear.

The pair pull up a fabulous fusion on this new single, which takes the title ‘Gang Warfare’, giving them both a chance to kick start 2022 with some real flare. The track itself draws influence from numerous different areas, beginning with electronic horn stabs and sharpened drum slides to build tension right from the jump. As we then find ourselves engulfed in a plucky, lucid breakdown, we skip between different grizzly bass moogs, cinematic reece textures and eerie soundscapes, constantly fluctuating in their sonic structure, giving the track a seriously futuristic feel and allowing us to percieve the future of this unique sect of bass music.

It’s a collaboration that makes a lot of sense, which you can check out below via our good friends over at JunoDownload

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