Now, from a UK perspective, it’s safe to say that the interest in the international bass scene has done nothing but grow over the last decade, with the pool of international artists both collaborating and working alongside the UK sound being so exciting to watch on all levels. The overall approach has seen a tonne of new talent become known to us here in Britania, with a lot of those names hailing out of North America and now gaining a solid reputation through incredible release runs and of course, high production value live performances.

Now, someone who ticks all of those boxes about 30 times over, is of course the wonderful Nostalgix, an originally Canadian based artist who recently made the switch down to the US, intent on pushing her sound and career to the next level. This is exactly what she has done, through both her incredible release run, primarily alongisde the fabulous team at Night Bass, and also through her explosive live shows, taking up both DJ & mic controller duties with a natural sense of control and engagement. Her performances have been electric over the years, and this most recent release is a great example of both of those elements in action to the highest degree.

So, for this rave-ready creation, Nostalgix really has gone no holds barred as she unleashes a dazzling display of both production precision and vocal volleys as ‘My Type’ touches on near enough all of the things that makes her sound unique. From the EDM-influenced introduction section with big electronic drums and emotive melodic drifts, to the swag-dripping vocal lines to the breakdown that is sure to send any dancefloor into an absolute state. Those lead synths provide just enough floaty goodness to keep the mosh moving until the early hours, whilst also not going overboard with their raucous range.

This is another big win for Nostalgix and the Night Bass team, which you can check out via our good friends over at JunoDownload below

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