NLMT links up with Four40 for a unique take on UK Bass

As a platform and organisation, we take a great amount of pride in our showcasing and coverage of labels and artists across the full spectrum of underground dance music. We have always tried to keep the doors as open as possible, be it for blossoming up and comers as a way to introduce their sound to a brand new audience, or for established imprints to have the opportunity to reintroduce themselves to the scene with updated new catalogues. This blend, in our humble opinion, gives us a unique vantage point from which we are able to view the UK and worldwide bass scenes as a whole.

Today, we are checking in with one of, if not the most consistent labels out there in Four40, a fabulous imprint with a catalogue spanning numerous genres and now numerous decades, always being available to put on newcomers and back them to the fullest, or see their veteran roster members revisit for powerful new drops. 2020 for Four40 was seemingly all about UKG, with their release schedule boasting some of the most exciting garage drops of the year, this time around however, it looks like they are returning to their more UK bass influenced roots.

Their most recent release definitely ties into that theme as they unveil a fabulous new three tracker from NLMT, a bass producer who has always flourished in bringing something audibly unique to the table, with this new EP being a perfect example of that. We kick off ‘Rollercoaster’, a super jovial roller, made unique by its fun, uplifting bass melody, which when coupled with a more high pitched synthesiser design can’t help but put a smile onto the listeners face.

Next, we are greeted by a combination of organ-like bass sounds and catchy, northern sounding vocal slices, chanting rave-ready lyricism for another unique creation that stands apart from your typical UK Bassline designs. Finally, we are at last introduced to a more lethal array of synthesiser action. ‘Disaster’ combines bit-crushed bass lines with reesey LFO’s to finalise this pack of dance floor ready wompers in style.

We have attached the full EP below for you to enjoy in your own time:

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