It’s always a very enjoyable thing to see bass music spreading across the globe, with such a strong following already established here in the UK. It definitely seems to be somewhat of a theme for UK underground genres to spread across the globe, with garage currently expanding across the US & Asia at a rapid rate, the deeper side of dubstep still spreading across the Americas and the Australia, and now bass music follows in a similar path, but this time across Europe.

Enter: Nightflower, a very respectable label imprint who have continued to push the heart of bass music forward, focussing their efforts on expanding the culture of UK bass and utilizing as many different promotional avenues as possible. Today we are taking a closer look at their quest to expand the sound across Europe, as they throw some serious weight behind this brand new compilation, taking the title ‘Polish Bass’. They have gone out of their way to arrange a potent 8-track collection, exploring some of the most exciting artists currently emerging out of Poland, delivering a seriously fiery selection for us all to enjoy.


Nightflower: Polish Bass
Nightflower: Polish Bass


We suggest you grab your helmets and hold on to them, because we kick start this one with a ferocious explosion of classic bass energy, with JANEXX arriving for a killer introduction, letting loose a lethal, metallic sounding synth sweeper on ‘Need You’ for some immediate ammunition. Next, NFX Project delivers a jittering display of bassy goodness on ‘Heavy’, you can check out The 3000 Network Premiere of ‘Heavy’ below:



This is then followed by Rvccoon unleashing some properly unorthodox melodic ideas on the super wonky ‘Illusion’. We then walk into the big room snare smashes and intense synths of Damian-G’s ‘Hit The Club’, closely followed by Hu Biss, who launches a wibbly-wobbly collection of vibrant LFO sweeps on ‘Bandman’. From here, we explore a tidy collaboration from Damian-G & NFX Project, who hold nothing back for the sizzling synthetic structures of ‘WWW’, chased up closely by Wawski with the EDM-inspired basslines and sharpened drum processing of ‘Check Me Out’. If that wasn’t enough, we then explore a vibrant finale as Rvccoon returns for a bag of melted synthetics on ‘Malfunction’, rounding off the project nicely.

The whole collection is seriously spicey, shining a very valid light on a lot of good work that is going on in Poland right now, pushing the bass scene to new heights in different pockets across the globe.

‘Nightflower: Polish Bass’ is out on Friday 22nd April, stream/download via the link below: