There is no doubting that these last couple of years have provided numerous challenges for people around the world. We have been living through unprecedented times and never before seen levels of international discourse and collaboration at the same time. This, of course, is going to take its toll on both the well being and mental states of people around the world. Therefore, it is important that people do come together and, where they are able and can help, do so. This latest project is a great example of that in motion as we sit down for a closer look at the latest addition to the rapidly growing Nightflower catalogue.

We have featured a fairly large amount of content from the Nightflower team, who continue to impress both as a consistently release entity and with their branding in general, keeping things cleaned and clearly, off the back of this latest announcement at least, well intentioned. For this latest project entitled ‘Nightflower: For Mental Health’, they have linked up the crew to put together a very impressive selection, with all funds generated from the release going straight into the funding bucket for YoungMindsUK.


We have seen a real upturn in the amount of public support for charities such as this, especially within the wider dance music community and with government cuts to public health services appearing to be come a more and more rapid eventuality, people banding together seems pretty essential.

The track listing itself is a pretty fantastic look into the Nightflower collective, with the likes of SW5, TjLaw, Kyle George, TjayH, Spence, Jasford x Barry x Juvenyl, Wighty, Fake Bricks, REWD, MOB, Hillsy, F.D.C & 7Age all supplying some fabulous additions and we are premiering 2 of the tracks off the release for your listening pleasure below.

It’s a pretty great way of approaching a clearly increasing issue, and with every penny going straight into the coffers of the charity itself, it makes a lot of sense to get involved!


You can check out the full project via our friends over at JunoDownload and Spotify below:


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