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Night Bass continue their storming run with new Notstalgix mastery

Posted 21/10/19 in

As far as labels go, there are few out there right now who have had as much influence on the bass scene as Night Bass. Created by the legend that is AC Slater, to collate and release forward thinking 4×4 music, the label has gone from strength to strength over the years, with their current standing landing them as one of the most influential dance music strongholds in the world. 2019 has been a hell of a year, as they have expanded from their homeland of LA to across the globe, as their sound becomes more and more centralized to the scene.

So much so, that we are even hearing the term ‘The Night Bass Sound’ landing more and more often, which alone is an incredible feat. The Night Bass Sound to us is a more mature look at 4×4 dance music, combining the high energy sub levels and skippy synthesizer works of modern bassline with the more stripped back, drum driven vibes of modern tech house. The fusion is magical, and when additional elements of breaks and other areas of EDM are thrown into the mix, the results are outstanding more often than not.

They here set out to continue their quite frankly, phenomenal run with this latest collection of storming originals from Nostalgix. A Vancouver based producer who’s uniquely crispy production style has seen her gain a rapid following. Having focused primarily on self-releases in the past, this Night Bass drop is a step up for sure, an opportunity she most certainly does not waste.

We kick off this release with a look at Heist, an unusual creation drizzled in booming drum rolls and fuzzy, warm bass designs. What a way to kick off the project as the originality of the Nostalgix sound breathes loud and clear. Next, we dive into the more tech-inspired sub-lines and squeaky synthesizer scribbles, leading into sumptuous vocal slices and eerie atmospherics across the bridges. We finish up with the title track ‘OG Sins’, arguably the most tear-out styled original on the project, driven by crunchy bass snaps and a siren-like lead synth, putting the finishing touches on a very impressive selection.

You can check out the full release below: 

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Words: KXVU

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