We premiere Neve & Samurai Breaks’ new link up for Unchained Recordings

The reaches of bass music across the UK and worldwide continues to spread and expand, slowly but surely encapsulating more sounds and folding them back into the conglomeration that sits behind. For us, this means that genres such as modern breaks are very much under the bass music flag, meaning they are very much within our remit to get involved with. That is why today, we are taking a closer look at the latest drop from Unchained Recordings, a Chinese breaks label who have been making some serious waves, spreading the sound of breaks to an international audience with incredible consistency and quality.

We see Neve take the lead on this one, supplying Unchained with four futuristic breakbeat pumpers, oozing finesse from start to finish as we play witness to a top notch display of drum manipulation and bass processing, giving the overall EP a futuristic yet nostalgic feel. As always at The 3000 Network, whenever we have a high quality EP such as this brought to our attention, we want to get involved. We have therefore decided to premiere one of the collaborations from the EP as Neve links up with the ever-ready Samurai Breaks for a wavy creation indeed.

Neve & Samurai Breaks - The Old Creek [The 3000 Network Premiere]

Right from the off with this one, we find ourselves launched in a high energy drum riff, which pulsates heavily, bouncing us off the walls to the left and right before those throwback rave-ready chord stabs find their way to the front of the mix, all before we take a breathe in the lead up to the main breakdown. At this point, moogy bass stabs are launched into the composition, topped with shimmering vocal slices and sliding synthesizers behind to really hammer home that future-nostalgia fusion. It’s a very tidy piece of modern breakbeat production, which we have premiered on the 3000 Blog Soundcloud page below:

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Words: KXVU