As always here at The 3000 Network, we are looking to do things a little bit different, as we now move into our latest remix EP, showcasing a selection of top quality reworks around NeryVice’s epic ‘Take On The World’ original.

Earlier in the year, this release was the talk of the town, which is why we decided to do something special when building this remix collection, in the form of a live remix competition, streamed out across our Facebook page with our resident review-master: KXVU in the hot seat.

From our submissions, he selected two top quality recreations to bring onto the EP’s tracklisting, with Dynascope’s pungent, heavily processed 4×4 switch up and MKII’s breaksy beef up. As well as these, Arc Nade provides us with a sizzling, dance-floor ready rework, followed by Nekst & Re-Flex, who bring the track into a whole new realm with their reesey revamp. Finally, NeryVice himself returns for a highly energised VIP mix of the track to round off the tracklisting, making this one of our favourite full length projects we have released in a hot minute! The VIP mix will be added to the EP once the original mix reaches 20,000 plays on Soundcloud.

Check out the full EP on YouTube & Soundcloud below :

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