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Nekst – Flaming Dragon: Out Now [3000 Blog Premiere]

Posted 29/4/19 in ,

It’s a seriously exciting time to be in and around The 3000 Network at the moment, with multiple platforms all surging forward with a tremendous amount of energy and catalogue weight. Ahead of the release of the first volume of the highly anticipated ‘Digitalization’ compilation series that we have been tirelessly working on over the last few months, we are very excited to present to you the first single from that project.

Enter: Nekst, a producer who has been very active within the bass scene for quite some time now, honing his uniquely gritty sound into something truly spectacular, making him a perfect candidate for the compilation.

His new single entitled ‘Flaming Dragon’ personifies his unique production timbre perfectly, as we are introduced to an ethereal introduction, followed but a number of scatty bass patterns all baring a sharpened punch. These attack the track alongside hard hitting drum designs and subtle vocal additions, bringing together a truly monstrous project.

‘Flaming Dragon’ is out now and you can stream/download it below!

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