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Negativ make their full Southpoint debut with a fantastic new three track drop

Posted 29/8/19 in ,

Creativity is what we strive to discover here at Bass music is a busy marketplace, filled with thousands of replicants following very few original sound-smiths, which can often give the impression that there is a serious lack of originality. However, today we are going to be looking at the England to Poland based duo of Negativ, who defy the above themes time and time again, championing their unique blend of breaks and bass.

We have seen the pair make quite an impact over the years, with their shimmering originals constantly landing with top draw responses, always managing to find new rhythmic pockets and bass patterns to play with. This ability to find the new amidst a crowded scene is what we believe really sets them apart from a lot of other production outfits right now. 

Therefore when we learned that they were teaming up with Brighton based: Southpoint for their next EP release, we were thrilled to hear it, with Southpoint being a label renowned for championing the new and original since their conception back in 2015. The EP takes up the name of ‘Entropy’, and is the perfect showcase of just why we rate the Negativ sound so highly, as the roll out three original heaters. 

The first of these is the title track ‘Entropy’, a snarling, grizzly incorporation of sharp drum switches and lethal reesey tones, which kicks the EP off in serious style. Next up, we dive into the colourful tones and ruckus initiation bass switch ups of the second track ‘Structure’, which again combines breaksy flavours and bass themes in infinite majesty. Finally, ‘Aurora’ arrives on the scene with a slightly more stripped back approach, but holding no less potency as Negativ put the finishing touches on a fantastic debut Southpoint drop. 

We have attached the previews below from the Southpoint SoundCloud for you to check ahead of Friday’s full release: 

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