Nautical Divine gives Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’ a 50 year bass heavy revamp

It’s not often that the history of British rock music becomes so intertwined with bass music culture, with the two sounds seemingly working to completely different fan-bases and spectrums of sound. However, today we are here to do what we love to do best at The 3000 Network and explore the idea of fusion, as we take a look at a very exciting new remix piece from Nautical Divine.

Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song [Nautical Divine Remix]
Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song [Nautical Divine Remix]

The relatively underground producer has decided to take it upon himself to provide us with a 50-year anniversary mix of Led Zeppelin’s cult classic ‘Immigrant Song’, giving the original track a 2020 electronic re-lick. 

Now there is no doubt that this is risky ground for any producer to set up shop and get to work upon, with there being an unwritten rule about not touching cult classics at the risk of upsetting the original fan-base. However, having taken a few minutes to sit and take in this remix we can safely say that Nautical Divine has certainly done the remix justice.

Nautical Divine 

Based in Minnesota, it is really interesting to watch the growth and brand direction of this new production alias, exploring a range of sounds with a seriously interesting approach.

So let’s get into the track itself, which Nautical has seemingly reworked into an electro-style roller of composition, taking those incredibly memorable vocal tones of Led Zeppelin and giving them a Prodigy-like treatment, mashing together gruesome synthesizer sizzles and explosive textures across the board, following by some incredibly atmospheric half-time breakdowns, exploring the complete depths of synthetic sound design.

The whole project is a homage to evolution of sound design and we have to say we thoroughly enjoyed the journey this one took us on, giving those classic vocals a new home in style. 

You can check out the remix via the SoundCloud link below:

Download it for free here

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