Now keeping up to date with the movements of Four40 has proved a more and more difficult task as the years go by, with the label project constantly evolving in expanding, both within the sonic realms in which they operate and then within the sheer mass off releases they unleash into the world. When we check out the last year for example, it seems as though there has been at least a release every two weeks, never once dropping the ball with quality control. This level of consistency has proved extremely useful in attracting new additions to the roster, one of which we are going to be checking out today. 

Enter; Namena, a Sheffield based bass producer who has spent a few years now honing his sound and exploring the techy side of bass music, constantly tweaking elements and in doing so, building up a very exciting back catalogue of originals behind the scenes. He has linked up with Four40 to finally unleash his full debut EP, a couple of years after bursting into the bass scene with a couple of memorable live performances.

The EP itself takes the title ‘Transition’, marking that movement from one end of the spectrum to the other over the the course of the EP, which has delivered some top quality results for us all to enjoy. We begin with with ‘Tips’, a silky roller, driven by a combination of gnarly bass curdles and pulsating drum punches, growing as it goes and exploring new melodic direction the longer it plays. Next, ‘A Mi Hotel’ strips the compositional value back into a more tech-inspired design, focussing on grizzly sub textures and more uplifting drum textures, giving the whole layout a natural bounce, before the more unorthodox rhythmic displays and growling bass slices of ‘Chamber’ allow us to flicker into a more abstract realm for a killer finale.

Namena has most definitely announced himself in style with this wicked selection. You can check out the full project via our friends at JunoDownload by using the link below:

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