Over the many years of their online activity and release scheduling, it’s safe to say that the Southpoint team has always tried to stay ahead of the curve with what they do. The imprint has always been a platform that isn’t afraid of going against the grain and exploring different multi-genre avenues within the sounds they push. This year has seen a large influx of garage and tech house for instance, whereas in previous years their flavours have included grime, dubstep, bassline, breaks and everything in-between, giving their catalogue and artist roster an extremely wide range.

Today, we see them jump back onto their sister platform: Southpoint: Introducing, which for the last few years has been operating, without fail, bi-weekly releases as a way of introducing new faces into the label hierarchy through hard hitting and impactful singles. All but one of the Southpoint roster has released via the Introducing platform and at this point it has become a real staple of the garage and bass scene, with the new releases constantly surprising listeners around the UK and beyond.

Today they introduce yet another new face to the party as the Sheffield-based Namena get involved with one of the more raucous drops we’ve heard from the Brighton-based imprint in a hot minute. For those that aren’t aware of Namena, his sound has been undergoing somewhat of a shift in recent times, steering towards more experimental bass twists and unique sound design instead of straight synthesizer madness.

This new single, entitled ‘6 Bells’, is a homage to that successful transition as we are greeted by a fabulous creation, steeped in constantly shifting soundscapes, a vast of array fluid distortion units and a sharpened drum section that again is constantly expanding. This is a fantastic showcasing of Namena’s progression, as he adds the Southpoint badge to his already impressive list off associated label project.

You can check out the full project via the link below:

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