As the planet continues to shrink and our communications continue to grow into a brave new world, there is one thing we can be completely certain of and that is that bass music is now a well and truly global affair. A multitude of different international cultures have slowly but surely become heavily involved with the sound, elevating the breadth and power of bass music into one of the most popular brackets of electronic dance music worldwide. Today we are going to be taking a look at one of the labels who have played a big part in this happening as Kanji Kinetic and Sample Junkie’s fabulous ‘Mutant Bass’ imprint leaps halfway around the world for an exploratory dive into Japanese bass and culture.

When we saw this project land we simply had to get involved as the Mutant Bass team are already known for putting together explosive compilation drops, giving us pretty high expectations from the jump.

Mutant Bass presents "Thunderous: The Japanese Invasion"
Mutant Bass presents “Thunderous: The Japanese Invasion”

This project therefore sees them unveil six of Japan’s most exciting bass production talents, kicking off with the gnarly yet explosive high-tempo rhythms and wonky synthesiser action of NA7’s ‘Future EDM 2077’, which gives us an immediate look into the more hardcore end of the local bass spectrum. From here Genick arrives with a wicked fusion of almost niche-influenced synth action and donk-like drums for ‘Coordinates’, followed by the ascending yet industrial sounding synth-rhythm combos of Oblongar’s ‘Eliminator’ original. 

The party is only just getting started however as we now move into the second half of the project with MadMaid’s ‘Froyo’ fusing sweeping LFO glides with groovy, more crack-house inspired drum designs, followed by a nuclear arrival from Nizikawa, deploying a monstrous combination of unpredictable reesy synth slaps and EDM-like snare snaps on ‘Fujiyama Mutant Ninja’. Our finale is also a corker, as Dustvoxx unveils system busting party-starter in ‘Hot Seq’, morphing nostalgic hardcore style piano riffs together with jittering synth twists. The closer then arrives with a sizzling combination of high energy drum breaks and violent synth growls as NGHTHYP’s ‘Grinder’ round off a Monteros stroll through gory hardcore themes, rounding us out with a bang! 


The whole project is worth a listen, but you can check out our exclusive premiere of Genick’s ‘Coordinates’ below: 



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