Over the years we have slowly but surely need numerous pathways formed between garage and UK funky, with the two genres for some reason often being pushed together on group collaborations and larger projects. Despite the fact that both sounds hold a tonne of weight within their own right, seeing the combination of the two sets of influences is always interesting to witness. Today, we are going to be taking a look at that fusion in action as we explore the latest single from one of UK funky‘s most established producers, who somewhat crosses a bridge with this weighty new creation, designed specifically for the dance.

We are of course talking about Murder He Wrote, who over the last few years through a nearly unmatched level of consistency, has slowly but surely worked his way to the top of that UK funky circuit. He’s become one of the most sought after names in that funky realm, but that is by no means the only string to his bow, with a strong set of UKG influences clearly running through his sound. Today we are going to be diving into his latest single which draws a lot more influence from the 2-step side of his character, just in time for the summertime, whether it be raining or blaring with sunshine.

Taking the title ‘The End’, we see those influences deployed with a fiery display of colourful drum explosions and subtle subby melodies below, which give the track a real dancefloor filling feel right from the off. There is that perfect balance we always talk about between the cleanliness of modern production and the crunchiness of nostalgic UKG. Seeing this level of versatility from Murder He Wrote is always exciting and we can’t wait to see what else is going to be emerging from his production folders over the next few months of sunshine.

You can check out the full single below:

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