Once again we find ourselves back here on threethousand.co.uk, having the absolute pleasure of exploring and digging out the latest new school underground dance music flavour, with the UK being an undoubtedly leading light across the globe in this arena. It’s always exciting to see the return of an artist who is known for both their consistency in sonic alongside their creativity and innovation, which is exactly where we find ourselves with today’s outing as the one and only Murder He Wrote returns for a well thought out bag of belters.

Over the years we have always kept a keen eye on Murder He Wrote, who as a producer has always remained very impressive, both in his ability to take the UK funky sound and lobotomize different elements of the sound by fusing them freely with other external elements, near enough always coming up for a futuristic and positive result. This time around we are thrilled to see him back in action as he makes his way back to his own HQ of rhythm athletic, delivering a jam-packed 5 track extravaganza, dripping in modernised production flavour and variation right from the jump.

We open up with ‘Drop’, a tidy combination design, fusing dubwise chord delays, eerie background strings and shuffling breaksy drum leads with warbling bass exploits, to give us a groovy introduction and a powerful EP mission statement at the same time. From here, ‘Operate’ is unleashed, focussing on shuffling, carnival-ready drum stutters and intricate percussive designs, before ‘Come Thru’ fuses hardcore drum styles and nostalgic vocal lines with steel drum melodies for a refreshing look at new school breakbeat. 

Finally, two heaters to round off, with ‘Stay Up’ working as a moogy funky bubbler, taking a collection of vocal chops, plucked melodic slides and grizzly sine basses to give us a skippy creation that we can see causing somewhat of a ruckus in the dance, before landing on our final collaborative creations. Am Jams joins the party for ‘Fade To Black’, a dizzying dive into forward thinking percussive drifts, breaksy overlays, smooth basslines and euphoric pad textures, giving the EP a classy final moment to round off.

You can check out all five tracks from this fantastic project via our friends at JunoDownload below:

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