There is no disguising the fact that over the years we have been big supporters of Murder He Wrote, who for us has been a real shining light of the UK funky scene in particular. His unique approach to production have always been outlined with serious drum precision and uniquely twisted rhythmic design, giving ravers the opportunity to let loose in their own way on so many occasions. Today however, we are very excited to see him really switch things into a different avenue as he returns to Rhythm Atheltic for what is going to be a very enjoyable selection indeed, this time exploring UKG and breaks in a hybridized form.

Now, let’s get it clear from the jump that neither of these sounds are exactly new ground to MHW, who has always explored different influences and musical ideals within his production, however this EP in particular seems to hold a pretty unique flavour to it, something refreshing to kick off his 2022 campaign in style with. This expansion into different sounds, especially within the UKG sphere is something that undoubtedly suits his approach to production, with the proof being three sizzling new creations that we have the absolute pleasure of diving into now.

The project kicks off with the monumental sounds of a delightful title track, taking the name ‘Told You So’. This one takes a seriously upbeat feel, combining colourful vocal displays and sunshine-inspired soundscapes and rolls them into a dance-inspiring ball of rhythmic switch ups and groovy bass nodes. This high energy feel really kicks the EP off in style, followed then by a sound Murder He Wrote fans may be more used to in ‘Iso (Riddim)’, a drum-driven box of grizzly energy, perfect for igniting the dancefloor. Finally, ‘As If We Never’ gives us a masterclass in sonic fusion, with glistening breaksy drumlines, major melodic sweeps and big room sub slides providing us with a seriously saucy finale.

This is such a solid way for Murder He Wrote to kick start the year and we simply can’t get enough. You can check out the full project via the JunoDownload link below:

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