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Murder He Wrote finally releases his much requested Sean Paul switch up

Posted 15/8/19 in

What a fantastic year it has been for garage and funky, with both of the genres managing to work their way heavily back into the pillars of popular bass culture, with both genres becoming the breeding grounds for the latest wave of exciting electronic dance music producers.

One producer who seems to keep his finger firmly on the pulse of modern bass music tastes is Murder He Wrote, a forward thinking soundman who is known for his electrifying live sets and his uniquely bouncy production style, seeing him gain support from near enough every UK funky fan in the UK.

We have seen him put together some legendary originals over the last year, including his most recent drop on Rhythm Athletic entitled ‘Love / Loss’, which showed MHW’s musical maturity and versatility, layering some smooth vocal slices together with relaxed, soulful backing instrumentation to create one of our favourite drops of the year.

We are here today however to take a look at a more recent drop, again showcasing the wide spectrum of Murder’s production talents, this time hitting back with something completely different. It’s very easy to set out to make a Sean Paul remix, we have all tried it, however the difficult part is making it actually work. We have all seen the accapellas floating around, but to craft something that fits perfectly is a different task all together.

It’s safe to say that this has been achieved here as the long sought after blend of ‘Girl Riddim’ and Sean Paul’s legendary ‘Temperature’ has made it’s way onto Murder He Wrote’s SoundCloud for us all to enjoy with a fabulous free download. The track itself is an epic fusion of high tempo, carnival-ready funky bass tones and skippy percussive intrusions, that somehow still find the perfect amount of space to allow Sean Paul’s vocals to thrive as they should.

What an early Christmas present this one is from MHW, which has been attached for you below:

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