Once again here at threethousand.co.uk, our journey through underground dance music has seen us stumble upon an absolute banger of a drop as we move back into the realms of dubstep music. In general, we try to keep our ear to the ground as much as possible within the full breadth of 140BPM music, but this latest drop from the team over at Duploc has most certainly got our eardrums up and ready for a warbling thrill fest.

For those that aren’t aware, for some years now Duploc has been one of the most important projects and platforms within the dubstep sphere. Through the combination of their extremely popular website and blog alongside their super consistent label set up, they have been supplying the scene with a fantastic combination of original releases and exciting coverage. Today, they are back on the label side of things as they welcome the wonderful sounds of Mungk, who launches a vibrant album project entitled ‘Temple Of Mungk’.

One thing we will say about albums within the dubstep sphere is that variation is key. With the genre being born out of smaller, 2-4 track-sized releases, putting together a full album project is always a risky affair. It would appear that Mungk has overcome this potential hurdle with ease however as he supplies us with a gnarly tracklisting exploring various areas of the system-ready soundscape.

Featuring 17 powerful original creations, this is Mungk at his absolute best, from the eastern string plucks of ‘Spirit’ and twisted sitar slides of ‘Zither’, to the more roller-influenced arrangements of ‘Sekhmet’ and swampy bass designs of ‘Congo’, this is an exceptional showcase of dubstep variety. In fact, the project seems to slide from an opening selection of more eastern-inspired themes to a more percussive driven approach the longer it goes, with the powerful sublines of ‘Sangoma’ and more dubwise arrangement styles of ‘Shasha’ continuing that shift as the album develops.

Our highlights for the project would have to include the raucous horn stabs and vibrant arrangements of ‘Pangu’, which delivers one hell of a bassy punch, alongside the constantly morphing string work of ‘Varzaneh’, which again oozes levels of production class. The project as a whole is an undoubted success, once again proving just how versatile a sound dubstep has become!

You can check out the previews for the shorter vinyl version of the project via the SoundCloud link below:

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